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DICK19 = taboos, porn and erotica.

His work spans different media, including VR, intimate portraits, participatory film, experimental photography, immersive theatre, installation art… Through a new approach towards reading raw desire, the artist intends for spectators to also partake in the sexual process, eliciting bodily experiences beyond the orgasm.

DICK19 創作領域:性愛攝影、參與式錄像、實驗影像、VR、沈浸式劇場、裝置藝術......等,並關注於情色、色情、禁忌等主題。試圖以創新的情慾閱讀形式,讓觀者在參與情色的過程,除了高潮也觸發不同的身體經驗。
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