Asian Geographic Junior Issue 01/2017

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 01/2017


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The new year brings with it new resolutions, and ushers in new beginnings – and that’s exactly what we’re getting up to in the next issue of Asian Geographic Junior: looking at the beginnings or our Earth, its inhabitants, and the traditions, cultures and moments of genius that have made up our phenomenal history! We trace the early origins of our amazing animal species from Asia to other parts of the planet, and our own evolution from monkey to man. We take a look at the incredible inventions that have been produced in Asia across the centuries that have revolutionised our lives. We also examine the origins and traditions of different fashion trends in Asia, as well as the beginnings of some of the strangest superstitions in the region. Take history off the shelf, dust it off, and page through its uncanny coincidences! Mapping the history of humanity allows us to piece the bits of our puzzling existence together – and the picture looks pretty extraordinary. If you don't believe us, make sure you grab our next issue of AGJ from your nearest newsstand!

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