Wild's End #1

Wild's End #1


出版:Trajectory.Inc / BOOM! Studios
作者:Abnett, Dan;Artist,Culbard, I.N.J.




WHY WE LOVE IT: We love smart takes on classic science-fiction mythos and who better to take advantage of the iconography of H.G. Wells and War of the Worlds than Dan Abnett, one of comics�� most renowned sci-fi writers and one of creators responsible for the groundbreaking run on Guardians of the Galaxy that inspired the upcoming Marvel movie. Paired with I.N.J. Culbard who has made a name for himself with the critically acclaimed adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft��s At the Mountains of Madness, it��s a team perfectly built for the visually impactful adventure stories readers love.WHY YOU��LL LOVE IT: Inspired by the sci-fi aesthetic of War of the Worlds and the anthropomorphic characters of Blacksad and Mouse Guard, readers will be blown away by Culbard��s art while fans of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg��s Cornetto Trilogy (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, WORLD��S END) will fall in love with Clive, Peter, and Gilbert as they try to survive an alien invasion.WHAT IT��S ABOUT: When a rural English community of the 1930s is the victim of an alien invasion, the residents�� lives are upended by the harsh realities of life-and-death violence. Led by the town��s outsider and retired war veteran, they will have to rally together to uncover the secret of their invaders and ultimately fight back.


Abnett, Dan;Artist,Culbard, I.N.J.

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