Unlocking The Social Media Code

Unlocking The Social Media Code


出版:大观出版社 / Kanyin Publications
作者:Sen ze

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This book is about how to use Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to meet your business’s objectives. This book is to present you with a workable business strategy in using Social Media to help you make more money with your business for the short and long term, either as an alternative to traditional media advertising or as part of your overall marketing strategy.

You will discover how years of hard work by ingenious entrepreneurs and companies to help all of us communicate better with each other have resulted in a world where reaching out to total strangers halfway round the globe is just a click or two away on gadgets we carry around with us every day.

This is even more important for businesses as your profits depend on how well you adapt to it. This book shows you exactly how you can do that by educating you on the Social Media landscape and then giving you a business strategy and the relevant tools you need and can actually use and implement so that your competitors don’t stand a chance against you.



Marketing Today

The Internet is Social

The Internet is Mobile

Your Social Media Objectives

The 3 Keys To Succeeding With Social Media

Your Social Media Accounts

Integrating Your Social Media Accounts

Getting Fans

Your Social Media Team

Bonus Chapter: How To Get A Top 10 Listing In Google

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