The Power of X : Enter the 10 Gods (Book 3)

The Power of X : Enter the 10 Gods (Book 3)


出版:Joey Yap / Joey Yap Research Group
作者:Joey Yap
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Behold, The 10 Gods

The first book in the Power of X series picks up where BaZi - The Destiny Code Revealed left off and invites reader into the next phase of Destiny Analysis - The Four Pillars of Destiny: The 10 Gods. Through this book, readers could enhance their technical foundation in which to understand the broad and ever-growing topic of the 10 Gods. You can jumpstart your success today if you understand how to translate awareness of yourself into positive actions.

What You`ll Learn
The essential characteristics and traits represented by each of the 10 Gods.
Simple but effective methods in which to analyse and understand a person's Character through their BaZi.
Introductory techniques for analysing a Wealth, Career and Relationships matters using the 10 Gods.
A practical walk-through section to analysing your own BaZi chart using the 10 Gods and the techniques explained in this book.
How to translate Bazi analysis into Bazi-centric action for success and achievement in all facets of life.


Chapter One: A New Beginning
An introduction to the 10 Gods and its concept.

Chapter Two: Deriving the Ten Gods
The basics of Five Elements and Five Factors, and understanding the Strength of the Day Master and Element on a BaZi chart.

Chapter Three: The 10 Gods Essentials
A detailed exploration into the positive and negative attributes of each of the 10 Gods.

Chapter Four: Analysing Character through the 10 Gods
Understanding the basic 10 Gods character analysis techniques and interpretation.

Chapter Five: Getting to know YOU (and Others)
A practical walk-through on the process of character analysis of a BaZi chart.

Chapter Six: To Know is To Do - Turning Analysis into Action
Understanding the importance of taking the information to the next level with realistic action.

Chapter Seven: Using the 10 Gods and Character for Relationship, Wealth and Career Matters
Analysis techniques according to the relationship, wealth and career aspects in life.

Piecing Together the Destiny Code Puzzle

A word of advice on putting everything together.


Dato’ Joey Yap is the celebrated and global bestselling author with more than 172 books published and counting. His literary work has been translated and published in every continent of the world, making it to the local best sellers list on numerous occasions and has sold more than 4,200,000 copies. Some of the bestsellers published have also earned The Merit Award from The Asean Book Publisher Association.

In 2008, he was listed by The Malaysian Tatler as the Top 300 Most Influential People in Malaysia and Prestige’s Top 40 Under 40. In recognition of his contribution to the industry, society and country, Joey was conferred the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP), a prestigious award which carries the official title of Dato’ in 2013. In 2014, he was named as one of The Inspiring Top 10 Young Malaysian Millionaires by RHA Media, a publication on the high achievers and affluent societies in Malaysia.

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