The Masqueraders

The Masqueraders


出版:Trajectory.Inc / Sourcebooks
作者:Heyer, Georgette




A treasure beyond price. The Masqueraders is a wicked delight, worth more than its weight in gold.?Anne StuartSuch a daring escape?Their infamous adventurer father has taught Prudence Tremaine and her brother Robin to be masters of disguise. Ending up on the wrong side of the Jacobite rebellion, brother and sister flee to London, Prudence pretending to be a dashing young buck, and Robin a lovely young lady.Could cost them both their hearts?Then Prudence meets the elegant Sir Anthony Fanshawe, and Robin becomes the mysterious hero of the charming Letitia Grayson, and in order to have what they truly want, the two masqueraders must find a way to unmask themselves without losing their lives?What with elopements, rescues, duels, and cards, the story goes excitingly and finally the magnificent but dubious father proves himself a Viscount. It is a picturesque and engaging story.?THE SPECTATORPRAISE FOR GEORGETTE HEYER: Our Georgette Heyer display of the Sourcebooks reprints has been a huge success, not only to those early fans like myself, but to many new readers who appreciate her style and wit.Nancy Olson, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NCReading Georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen.Publishers WeeklyWonderful characters, elegant, witty writing, perfect period detail, and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the rest of us only aspire to. Katie FfordeWHAT READERS SAY: Heyer manages to make us believe in this entertaining masquerade of the siblings posing each as a member of the opposite sex. Very true to the period indeed. Strongly recommended.Such a great book-the ultimate romantic, swashbuckling, identity-swapping fantasy.A must-read for Heyer fans.Anyone who loves Shakespeare's Viola (and who thinks Shakespeare didn't give her enough to do in Twelfth Night) will enjoy Georgette Heyer's heroine Prudence.I wore the cover out on this one almost forty years ago. Believe me, Ms Heyer stands the test of time!

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