Sorrow Floats

Sorrow Floats


出版:Trajectory.Inc / Sourcebooks
作者:Author,Sandlin, Tim




Tim Sandlin's stuff is as tight and funny as anyone doing this comedy novel thing. -Christopher Moore Maurey has hit rock bottom, with a bottle of whiskey and an infamous reputation, she'll do anything to get out of town. Even drive two ex-drunks cross-country hauling a trailer full of illegal beer. Everyone in GroVont, Wyoming, knows everybody else's business, but Maurey Pierce Talbot is practically famous around town. Sunk low since her father died, whiskey - specifically Yukon Jack - is her best friend. When she makes the mistake of a lifetime, Maurey finds herself looking up from rock bottom. So when two bumbling ex-drunks need to get cross-country with a trailer full of illegal beer, Maurey takes the wheel. Sometimes you just need to get out of town. And sometimes you need to get lost in order to get found. The dark comedy and heartfelt revelations will appeal to fans of Jack Kerouac, Tom Robbins, Larry McMurtry, Joseph Heller, John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, and Carl Hiaasen. Other books in Tim Sandlin's GroVant Trilogy:Skipped Parts, Book 1 Sorrow Floats, Book 2Social Blunders, Book 3Lydia, Book 4What readers are saying about Sorrow Floats:I've never cheered harder for a fictional character.Maurey is an appealing character her voice is strong and clear even if her path forward isn't.Being a huge fan of ROAD TRIPS AND RAUNCHINESS, I absolutely loved this book. Sandlin really allows you to feel her anger, pain, confusion and tenderness.Funny, kind of wise and sentimental at the end. It's required reading for women, alcoholics, tortured writersMaurey Pierce is a flawed, broken, beautiful character... it's a NOVEL ABOUT BEING ALIVE.cathartic and deepFavorite. Book. Ever.What reviewers are saying about Sorrow Floats:Able storytelling and an engaging cast of dysfunctional modern American pilgrims... -Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW)A rousing piece of Americana...rowdy, raunchy...A TOTAL DELIGHT. -Library JournalTim Sandlin's fiction packs a punch. The writer's fictional Wyoming town is a grungier version of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon. -Denver PostA zany road trip across America -CosmopolitanSandlin understands that black comedy is only a tiny slip away from despair, and he handles this walk without a misstep. -Dallas Morning NewsWhat everyone is saying about Tim Sandlin:Tim Sandlin's stuff is as tight and funny as anyone doing this comedy novel thing. -Christopher Moore His prose, his characters, all amazing.A story of grand faux pas and dazzling dysfunction...a wildly satirical look at the absurdities of modern life. -The New York Times Book Review

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