Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue #1

Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue #1


出版:Trajectory.Inc / Markelle
作者:Woolley, Lynelle;Illustrated by,Wolcott, Karen




Perfect for young girls who are starting to read chapter books, (Kids Books Central). Who should a bride turn to when her wedding starts to fall apart? Her flower girls, of course! In this fast paced adventure, Rosie and her new flower girl friends must combine their talents to save a wedding from total disaster. Rosie loves to play detective; yet, she never thought she��d get to use her sleuthing skills as a flower girl. But that��s what happens when the wedding she��s in begins to unravel. Luckily for the bride, Rosie and her new flower girl friends, Iris and Starr, are on the case. Now it��s up to them to solve a mystery and turn a wedding gone wrong into one that��s done right! Featuring humor and adventure, the Flower Girl World series is committed to diversity in children��s books as it highlights social themes of friendship, leadership, acceptance, growing up, and girl power. Look for more books in the Flower Girl World series: Iris and the Aloha Wedding Adventure, Starr and the Highs Seas Wedding Drama, Camellia the Fabulous Flower Girl, and Fun-to-Wear Flower Girl Hair.


Flower Girl World creator and author Lynelle Woolley is an award-winning Hollywood entertainment creative executive. Inspired by her daughter, a three-time flower girl, and the princess stories they would read together, Woolley began writing flower girl adventures to share with all young readers. Winner of multiple Mom��s Choice Awards, the Flower Girl World series features diverse characters who discover friendships and new cultures at different weddings around the world. Woolley and Flower Girl World have been featured in Us Weekly, Newsday, and many more print and online news outlets.

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