Kung Linliu, Ph. D./林劉恭博士

Print on demand (POD) with a continuous inkjet printer

Print on demand (POD) with a continuous inkjet printer


出版:Kung Linliu / 林劉恭
作者:Kung Linliu

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Author: Kung Linliu, Ph. D.

There are seven chapters in this book, from the basic inkjet technology and its application, extending to inkjet technology related materials and their components, and print on demand application, the relevant sections of the title and related contents are as follows:

Part I is to introduce the inkjet printing technology; include the inkjet printing principles and market of printer, printhead, ink, and the principle of inkjet technology.

The first chapter mainly introduces the development and evolution of inkjet printing technology and the overview of inkjet printing market.

Chapter two is to introduce the elements of inkjet printing technology: the inkjet printer, the inkjet printhead, and the inkjet ink and the inkjet substrate;

Chapter three is to depict the principle of inkjet printing, the structure and fundament of printhead, two types of printhead, the thermal bubble type and the piezo-electric type. Also two types of printing ways, the continuous inkjet and drop on demand (DOD) are introduced.

Part II is to depict the inkjet printing for print on demand application.

Chapter four is to describe what is print on demand and why is print on demand.

Chapter five is to describe the cost of print on demand for a book printing from a continusoud inkjet printer and from a foundry of printing on demand manufacturer.

Chapter six is to describe how to make a book using a continuous inkjet printer.

Chapter seven is to describe the market of print on demand book and trend of book format.

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