Old Chinese Books Kept at Sanage Shrine

Old Chinese Books Kept at Sanage Shrine


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作者:Takata Tokio




Sanage Shrine is an old shrine in the city of Toyota in Aichi Prefecture.It is well known that it houses a collection of old Chinese manuscripts of ancient books.The collection consists of classics such as:Guwen Xiaojing,Chunqiu Jingzhuan Jijie,Lunyu Jijie,Difan, Chengui,Historical Records,Wenxuan,and Baishi Wenji;they have been registered as an important cultural property.They are not especially rare;instead,these books are popular at that time.Nevertheless,each manuscript has an important characteristic:GuwenXiaojing is the oldest copy among the many Japanese manuscripts of this missing work;Chunqiu Jingzhuan Jijie represents a title copied from a block print edition from the Song dynasty, and the manuscript itself is a traditional text handed down by the Kiyohara family;Lunyu Jijie leaves hints that allow us to use it as a reference material for the Yishu by Huang Kan;Chengui provides the date of the work and the annotator's name;HistoricalRecords is a rare example of a historical text inherited by the Kiyohara family;two manuscript rolls from the book Wenxuan belong to the original version of Xiao Tong;Baishi Wenji,bound as a booklet,preserves only part of the?xinyuefu?style,and is considered to be a textbook copied by a student.In Japan, from the Kamakura period onwards,the learning of cultural capital began to spread gradually to the East and other areas.Kanazawa Bunko and Ashikaga Gakk?are typical of the learning centers developed by the samurai class during the Kamukura period.However,the situation in the local temples and among the people remains unclear.In this sense,the Sanage manuscripts can be regarded as important materials to study the average and range of literary activities in the local area,from the Kamakura period through the early years of the Muromachi period.


History Department of Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China

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