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Little Princess's Fantasic Journey_Travel in Taiwan,Singapore,Macau

Little Princess's Fantasic Journey_Travel in Taiwan,Singapore,Macau


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Living in Taiwan

We often take all the wonderful things around us and convenience for granted.As a result, we neglect to cherish the beautiful sceneries that the land has to offer with the changing season
Taiwanese people's unique hospitality and gourmet delicacies Always warm up the travelers' stomachs and touch their hearts Providing them with perfect journeys.
When we travel overseas, we are proud to say that we come from Taiwan.

Beautiful Formosa Offers rich, diverse landscapes
We do hope that international hotel groups will introduce brand new accommodation experiences to the region.

So as to broaden our travel horizons.Certainly, there will also be a collision of cultures.Regardless of how long I have been traveling, Taiwan will always be my home.
Singapore is an advanced nation,
Despite its tiny area, it has become the top Asian economy, Featuring cutting-edge finance, transportation, ports and harbors.
Besides a plethora of global boutiques,Singapore is also home to the latest high-tech products.At night, it metamorphoses into a dazzling city of lights. Intoxicating people with a sea of lights and vibrant colors.

On the other hand, Singapore also strives to preserve its cultures, From the century-old hotel, one can catch a glimpse of classic, re ned taste in the Victorian and colonial era,
Appreciating the authentic, elegant English demeanor.
Such bustling city has retained its leisurely personality,
The Southeast Asian sentiments in Sentosa completely relaxed me, and all I wanted to do was kick back and enjoy the sunshine under the shadow of swaying coconut trees.
The city offers an enchanting fusion of power and tenderness that keeps the visitors coming back.
Macau is a unique, small city.Once a colony of Portugal.It was transformed into the only place in the world where Chinese culture meets Portuguese culture.Despite its tininess, Macau is abound with historic monuments
One can travel from Las Vegas of the East to the Vatican of the East In just one street.One is also able to appreciate the collision of cultures from the East and the West.

Macau is also known as Las Vegas of the East
Casinos here are competing for size and grandeur
O ering free shows and performances from daylight to midnight. Although the city may appear to be material and vain, it is nonetheless full of glamor and splendor, attracting not only gamblers.But also tourists with the magical charm of the golden empire.The myriad appearances of the city created by the fusion of the East and the West as well as the old and the new are what make Macau one of a kind.

Getting away from our familiar surroundings through traveling enable us to grow during the journey. Every moment we spend together evokes true happiness and touching sentiments. Exploring the world at a young age, this is not only a learning path for Little Princess but for us as well. Since Little Princess is bombarded by stimuli in new environments every day, she has nurtured an optimistic, sociable and adventurous personality. I believe these are the qualities that will bene t her for a lifetime.
Whenever I page through Little Princess's Fantastic Journey photo album, the wonderful memories of traveling flash back like frames in a movie, and I deeply feel that we were destined to take part in each journey. Ever since Little Princess was 4 months old, we have begun traveling with her. Throughout the journeys, she never experienced any discomfort or fell ill, as if she was born to admire all the sceneries in the world. She ate well and slept well. Even when we were aboard a noisy propeller-driven small plane or a dizzyingly fast powerboat, she stayed calm and embraced all the challenges. She was patient when we hopped from hotel to hotel, and she welcomed each exotic adventure with a joyous heart.
Deep down, I believe she was born to travel. She is a gift from above, allowing us to experience so many interesting stories in so many di erent countries.
Traveling with children is marvelous. Children, family and life are bonded together during the process, creating an unmatched sense of happiness. Making traveling part of life has enabled me to understand the meaning of
love, self-enrichment and spiritual upliftment.
I have to thank my husband for taking me on these journeys and making the whole family's dream come true. He is passionate about life and traveling, and he is willing to take the family to experience enjoyment, encouraging us to appreciate the value of life, nature and the world in a more profound level. He is also an avid photographer, spending a great deal of time honing is photography skills, thus images he captures are brimming with unique aesthetics and quality. For each trip, he tirelessly hauls around over 30kg of camera equipment and lens

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