Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences Online Edition) #

Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences Online Edition) #






The Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Science) (JZUHSS) is a comprehensive academic publication supervised by Ministry of Education, sponsored by Zhejiang University and published by Zhejiang University Press. It has a wide coverage of new interdisciplinary subjects and basic subjects, including literature, history, philosophy, politics, economics, law, education and management. With 60 years of publication, the Journal enjoys a high reputation in the academic world. It is recognized as the core and authoritative journal by all evaluation institutes and Index databases for Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) in China. In recent years, it has been listed as Top 100 China HSS Periodical by SAPPRFT for two consecutive years, and 'the socially and economically beneficial journal�� in China Journal Formation. JZU is also among the first funded journals under the National Social Science Fund, included in Reputed Journal Project of MoE, and annually noted as Famous HSS Journal and Double Best 10 HSS Journal among institutions of higher learning. JZU receives nearly 7,000 articles and papers every year with a rejection rate of 98.5%. The Journal upgraded its system by pioneering double-blind peer-review process and institutional building, bringing prominent effect nationwide. Guang Ming Daily reported this in the headline Page C and the cover page of its match print. 60 Years of Republic Journal published by Encyclopedia of China Publishing House marked JZU's conduct of anonymous peer review in 1997 in the history of China Journals. JZU also developed its own brand of trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary columns, generating great impact around the academia. It actively explored new ways of enhancing international reputation of China Journals. Published in Chinese with essentials in English and extra English articles, it is the first journal that added long English abstract (Page 1, 2002), long English summary (Page 3-7, 2012) and reference in both Chinese and English (2006) among all academic HSS journals in China. JZU accepts international copyright contracts, welcomes copyright in multi-languages and all languages, and publishes in both online and paper versions (2012), transforming the long-term one-way import of copyright. In 2010, the Journal published 28 foreign articles, and 20 in 2012 (from internationally famed tenured professor, Nobel Prize winner and academicians), representing China Journals internationally. For the past four years, scholars from over 20 countries and areas have published their papers on the Journal. Through accession to well-known international search databases, it lifted its reputation worldwide. JZU serves as a source journal for CSA, UPD, EBSCO, IC, OCLC, Gale, ICIJ and other 15 internationally famous citation databases, included by the most international prime Indexes. It is the only journal selected as the most internationally influential academic journal in China (2013) and ranks among TOP internationally reputed HSS Journals of higher learning for three consecutive years (2013-2015). Its citation frequency by SSCI and AHCI in US ranks the 1st amount thousands of comprehensive university journals, and 2nd among comprehensive HSS journals in China. 2016, Zhejiang University was designated as the first member of CCTSS Project on Promoting China Books to the World, and first signed the agreement on global promotion of China Journals with US Trajectory Digital Distribution Incorporation to expand the distribution of China academic journals online versions and overseas readership, thus enhancing its international fame and influence. In recent years, JZU first introduced online preparatory publication of one manuscript and established the first autonomous website of its kind, proposed CNKI to establish a platform for preparatory publication. JZU lead a reform over publication model for China academic journals, and it is also one of the first journals who adopted preparatory publication among HSS Journals worldwide. (Wiley Online started in 2013, Cambridge University Press in 2015, and China Zhejiang University from Feb 2009). Zhejiang University pioneered academic misconduct detection, added DOI link, and adopted ORCID among HSS journals of higher learning. JZU developed a new distribution mode via mobile media. It first published articles on mobile phones and omni-media, ascended a maiden flight to create tablet version on an independent APP, with simultaneous posts on WeChat public account and links to websites, Weibo and WeChat. This allows readers to download the full text for free and read all the papers published since 1999 on mobile phones, authors to login in WeChat search to submit, accept and revise papers at all times, and reviewer to send inquiries and review opinions. By the end of 2014, Zhejiang University has over 20,000 followers on Weibo, with a weekly readership of 176,000 on one single post, over 1900 views and hundreds of likes on Wechat


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