Entrepreneur DNA

Entrepreneur DNA


出版:大观出版社 / Kanyin Publications
作者:Luke Bong

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Entrepreneur D.N.A shows you how you can take charge of your own destiny and overcome the business hurdles that every entrepreneur faces.
Luke Bong will share with you proven business and life strategies which he applied to turn his life around. He guides you every step of the way and shows you exactly how you can apply these proven success principles to transform your life and your business the way it has for millions of successful people worldwide.
What you will master in this book: -
 How to stay motivated and fired up in your business
 How to run your business with real purpose and passion
 How to re-set yourself to think like a successful entrepreneur
 Unlearn the 25 pieces of bullshit entrepreneurs believe in
 Learn the 10 steps to the entrepreneurial mindset that empowers you
 How to create ‘you-niqueness’ in your business even if your products are the same as your competitors’
 How to create your own breakthroughs over and over again
 How to turn your customers into your most powerful promoters
 How to persuade and influence people effortlessly (and be loved for it)



Part 1 – Dream
Chapter One – When the Love Has Gone
Chapter Two – Your Entrepreneur Story

Part 2 – Nurture
Chapter Three – Your Entrepreneur Blueprint
Chapter Four – The 25 BS Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves
Chapter Five – The Entrepreneur Mindset

Part 3 – Activate
Chapter Six – Establish Your You-niqueness
Chapter Seven – Create Your Own Breakthroughs
Chapter Eight – Make Love, Not Sales
Chapter Nine – Master the Art of Persuasion
Chapter Ten – The End of the Beginning

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Luke Bong is the founder of Influence Mastery and co-founder of the Great Minds Group. He is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Luke conducts workshops, seminars, private coaching and speaks in conventions and conferences across Malaysia. His clients include large multi-national corporations, government bodies, non-profit organizations, schools and universities. He writes the popular personal development column ‘Inspiration & Motivation’ which is published by Daily Express, Sabah and the New Sarawak Tribune. Learn more about him at www.LukeBong.com.

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