Child Custody, Visitation, and Support in Florida

Child Custody, Visitation, and Support in Florida


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作者:Haman, Edward A




Guide to Custody, Visitation, and Support Rights in Florida
Are you having trouble receiving support from your ex-spouse? Do you have a child who is being neglected or abused? Do you know what your legal rights are? The answers to your problems may lie in this book.
With the divorce rate above 50 percent and climbing, more and more parents are faced with difficult decisions or situations involving their children. Whether it's difficulty seeing them on a steady basis, being denied visits altogether, watching them being neglected or abused, not receiving enough support, or not receiving support at all, parents increasingly find themselves in the courts debating issues which involve their children. This book is designed to let parents know their legal rights, and to help them take their case through the court system. This book explains in simple language:
Determining factors to gain custody in Florida
Understanding Florida court procedures
Modifying a custody, visitation or support order
Taking action in a case of suspected parental abuse
Establishing Paternity
Calculating child support using Florida guidelines
Enforcing Florida procedures for child support
Researching relevant Florida statutes
Working with an attorney
Preparing and presenting your case
Terminating parental rights
Appointing a guardian ad litem

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