Along the River During the Qingming Festival

Along the River During the Qingming Festival


作者:Shiu-Lan Huang & Wei-Chao Chang
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  The Along the River During the Qingming Festival was painted by Chang Ze-Duan of North Song Dynasty on silk. Painted in light colors, it is 528cm wide and 24.8cm tall. Qingming implies Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Festival. “Shang He” (above the river) was a norm at that time. After worshipping the ancestors and sweeping their tombs, people would get on the bridge to enjoy the view of Bianjing and River Bian. Or they may wander along the bridge and buy snacks from the vendors there and visit the riverside towns. This is what “Qingming Shang He” means. In the painting, we can see many of the norms of Qingming Festival, such as the pasted paper building miniatures in front of the “Wang’s Paper Horse Shop,” the tomb sweeping team with sedan chairs decorated with willow branches and flowers outside the city, the vendors selling mud figurines at the entrances of the bridge, the people gathering and drinking after tomb sweeping, and more. These scenes are similar to the descriptions of The Eastern Capital: A Dream of Splendor. In short, it is a masterpiece of social norms painting completed in the Song Dynasty.
  Although Along the River During the Qingming Festival is not the only painting that portrays the capital in Chinese history, it is the most complete painting that captures the social norms and characters of Bianjing in art history. From the illustrations, deconstructive interpretations, and plain and simple introduction of this book, readers can have a glimpse of the authentic picture of Bianjing during the North Song Dynasty. Reminiscing the past, Cosmos Classics has edited and released Along the River During the Qingming Festival by Chang Ze-Duan, a North Song Dynasty painter, in electronic book format. It is hoped that Chinese of this generation can converse with tradition to fuse the ancient with the modern. Reading the classics, we may be inspired to lay down milestones for modern arts. In addition, we are enthusiastic to share them globally to allow international people to immerse themselves in the beauty of Chinese arts.


Front cover/1
Notes on Publishing --the Fusion of the Classics and Technology /2
Editor’s Words /10
Along the River During the Qingming Festival 40 Picture Clips /20
The Historic Values of Along the River During the Qingming Festival /22
Imperial Painting Academy and PainterChang Ze-Duan in the North Song Dynasty /29
Bianjing City and Inland Water Transportationon Bian River in the North Song Dynasty /35
Volume 1 Suburban Leisure in the Woods /42
Chapter 1 The Tranquil East Suburbs /44
Chapter 2 Shrouded in Mists /48
Chapter 3 New Leaves Sprout /52
Chapter 4 After Tomb Sweeping /58
Chapter 5 The Eternal Myth /63
Chapter 6 Worship with Sincerity /68
Chapter 7 Mansion in the Underworld /72
Volume 2 The Busy Inland Water Transportation along the Canal /80
Chapter 8 InlandW ater-transportation /82
Chapter 9 Customers in Pubs /88
Chapter 10 Sailing Upstream /94
Chapter 11 New Fire on Qingming /100
Chapter 12 Dancing of the Brush and Ink /107
Chapter 13 Rowing the Oars /114
Chapter 14 Wash the Dirt and Hoist the Clean /118
Chapter 15 Parting /122
Chapter 16 Climbing High to Cry Out /127
Chapter 17 The Rainbow Bridge Incident /133
Chapter 18 Hot Sales at the Bridgehead /142
Chapter 19 Coming Across on a Narrow Lane /148
Chapter 20 Ready to Take Off /154
Chapter 21 Wine’s Fragrance /161
Chapter 22 The Best Thirst Quencher /169
Chapter 23 Golden Branches and Jade Leaves /176
Chapter 24 The Fading Bian Rive /183
Volume 3 The Prosperous Bianjing /190
Chapter 25 The Herbs that Heal /192
Chapter 26 The Joy of Tea Tasting /198
Chapter 27 Aristocrats and Officials /203
Chapter 28 Good Fortune or Bad Fortune /209
Chapter 29 Taking a Short Break under Willows’ Shade /216
Chapter 30 The Taste of the West /222
Chapter 31 Kneel to Appeal /230
Chapter 32 The Grand City Gate /239
Chapter 33 Weighing and Calculating /248
Chapter 34 Packed with Customers /255
Chapter 35 Discussing Now and Then /263
Chapter 36 Studying Hard /270
Chapter 37 Blooming Trade /279
Chapter 38 Clear Well Water /286
Chapter 39 Traveling for a Thousand Miles /294
Chapter 40 Excellent Doctor and Superb Prime Minister /303
Conclusion /312
References /320
Along the River During the Qingming Festival Portraits of Characters /324
The Painting /328
Copyright /358


Shiu-Lan (Jully) Huang
After working in the legal sector for many years, Jully had the feeling that the conflicts in humanity and karma for the people’s trials in the courts did not allow her to find the ultimate answer for life within the sphere of law and order. Then she began to learn Zen, study I Ching, and practice Buddhism with her foundation in literature and history. She deeply felt that Chinese people tradition thoughts of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism can provide an outlet for people living in the society of the 21st century. Therefore, she engaged in the modernization works of traditional Chinese classics by constructing the internet platform of Cosmos Classics to cultivate the field of the classics in a profound manner. Exploring masterpieces of great artists and writers, she plans to publish Chinese classics.

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