An Introductory Gui

aiwan A to Z: An Introductory Guide

aiwan A to Z: An Introductory Guide


出版:Hamastar / HAMASTAR
作者:Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Taiwan A to Z: Introduction for Young Adults, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Republic of China, serves as a brief guide to Taiwan’s political, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural development. The articles in this publication are the result of a nationwide competition for high school students in Taiwan. Students submitted compositions on one or more of the 26 topics, and the winning entries were edited to form the basis of the main passages. This guide attests to Taiwanese young people’s enthusiasm for engaging with societies around the world, and the MOFA sincerely thanks the participating students for their contributions to this project.


1. Apple-Fruits and flowers
2. Banquets-Food culture
3. Convenience-Lifestyle
4. Dance-Performing arts
5. Education-School system and preservation of traditional Chinese culture
6. Freedom-Constitution and rights
7. Geography-Landscape and national territory
8. Health-Universal health care system and medical achievements
9. IT-High-tech industry and global brands
10. Journal-History
11. KTV-Music and pop stars
12. Love-Gender equality and wedding customs
13. Military-Doctrine and structure of the Armed Forces
14. Night Market-Popular street foods
15. Online-Gaming and the role of the Internet
16. People-Demographics, languages and population
17. Quake-Geology and seismic monitoring systems
18. Religion-Popular faiths and religious diversity
19. Sports-Star athletes and common forms of exercise
20. Travel-Transportation network
21. UN-Participation in global organizations and international agreements
22. Voting-Political parties and presidential elections
23. Weather-Climate conditions and temperature ranges
24. Xmas-Major festivals and holidays
25. Youngster-International youth exchange programs
26. Zodiac-Signs and fortune-telling


Illustrators (in alphabetical order)
Chang Hsu-kuang Art & Design Studio, Monica Kuo, Lin Chuan-zong, Wang Shin-yu, Yen Kai-hsin