A Study on the Edition of Chuxue Ji Printed Fragments Unearthed from Khara-Khoto

A Study on the Edition of Chuxue Ji Printed Fragments Unearthed from Khara-Khoto


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作者:Qin Hualin




There is a wide variety of unearthed manuscripts.The woodblock printing Chinese books are an important part of the unearthed manuscripts besides inscriptions of bronze and oracle bone,bamboo and silk documents and manuscripts.Woodblock printing Chinese books,as one of Chinese Four Great Inventions,are the strong evidences of the typography.The unearthed woodblock printing Chinese books are mainly found along the Silk Road,especially in Dunhuang Turfan and Khara-Khoto.The Silk Road is not only an ancient trade route linking China with the West,but also a culture route blending the eastern and western civilizations together.A lot of woodblock printing Chinese books,which have been unearthed along the Silk Road from 20th Century,are the best testimonies.Wang Yong put forward?the Book Road,?a similar concept to?the Silk Road.?This concept originally mainly referred to the cultural exchanges between China and Japan,China and Korea, but the concept itself has its own reasonable core.On the focus of the circulation channels and communication process of books,the concept of the Book Road is very instructive and applicable. The two names �X Silk Road and Book Road �X are not contradictory to each other,though they have different focuses. The ancient merchants also played as the ambassadors of cultural exchanges.Meanwhile,the Silk Road was a hub in the cultural exchanges between China and the West.The Book Road arises accompanying with the Silk Road.This paper focuses on studing a few pieces of the printed fragments of Chuxue Ji unearthed from Khara-Khoto.They are one of cultural heritage of the Book Road in the Song and Yuan Dynasties.On the basis of denominating and dejoining,this paper observes version features of the printed fragments and points out the mistakes in previous papers.There is a close relationship between the book unearthed from Khara-Khoto and the edition of the Southern Song Dynasty collected in Japan.The Chuxue Ji unearthed from Khara-Khoto should be printed in Jianyang, Fujian,between 1134 A.D.to 1147 A.D.. In combination with other unearthed fragments,this paper discusses the northwest line of the Book Road from Jiangnan,especially Zhejiang and Fujian,to the Western Regions in the Song and Yuan Dynasties.Along with the development and expansion of the Book Road,Chinese culture continues spreading to the Western Regions by the woodblock printing Chinese books. The Book Road has played an important historic role in the process of Chinesization in the Western Regions.


Research Institute for Premodern Chinese History, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310028, China

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