Teaching and Learning Language: Current Trends and Practices

Teaching and Learning Language: Current Trends and Practices


出版:Penerbit USM
作者:Ambigapathy Pandian, Sunny Tan Siew Bek, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail

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This book represents a collection of papers that relate to the challenges and problems posed by the ever-changing and diversified nature of today’s classroom. The papers discuss and demonstrate methodologies and learning strategies, and in the process, recommend effective practices that are practical and open to adaptation for different teaching and learning contexts. They range from suggestions on how to exploit information technology resources to individual or specific case studies. These case studies report on a variety of contextual issues and problems that are specified to particular learning contexts. This book, therefore, thus not only offers examples of tried and tested teaching strategies but also offers useful insights into specific sociocultural problems that are experienced by learners as well as teachers and interested stakeholders in particular settings and countries. The papers offer a comprehensive documentation of past as well as present problems faced by teachers, policy makers and students, and discuss ways and strategies of overcoming such problems such that the teaching and learning process is not only enhanced but made more meaningful and fulfilling to both teachers and learners. The inherently global perspective of the papers in this book makes it an enriching compendium.

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