You CRAZY to Start a Restaurant

You CRAZY to Start a Restaurant


出版:大观出版社 / Kanyin Publications
作者:Charles Ho

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Do you have dreams of starting your own restaurant? Are you confused and CRAZY as to where to start? Do you have a few ideas but feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” then this is the book for you.

With over thirty years experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry and a family of chefs, Charles Ho knows food and knows restaurants. Now he’s sharing what he knows with you.

As well as giving a broad overview of everything involved in starting a restaurant and keeping it open, this book also delves deeper into each area, providing helpful diagrams, examples of what you’ll need to do and definitive checklists for the organization.


Chapter 1 – Author’s Personal Story
Chapter 2 – An Overview of the Restaurant Busines
Chapter 3 – Restaurant Trends & New Innovations
Chapter 4 – Fundamental Requirements
Chapter 5 – Restaurant Business Plan
Chapter 6 – Concept & Design Development
Chapter 7 – Equipment & Furnishings for the Restaurant
Chapter 8 – Staffing your Restaurant Recruitment, Training & Development
Chapter 9 – The Menu
Chapter 10 – Food Purchasing and Suppliers
Chapter 11 – Marketing and CRM
Chapter 12 – Day to Day Operations & Financial Controls


Charles Ho was born in a family where classical Chinese cuisine was passed from one generation to another. His culinary skills were nurtured by his father, a renowned master chef in Chinese cuisine. To further refine his skills, Charles attended the Malaysian Chinese Cuisine chef training course, as well as the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary workshops.

Besides, he also graduated with a diploma in hotel management from the American Hotel & Motel Association (formerly known as AHMA, now AHLEI). Academically, Charles holds a Bachelor Degree (B.A. Hons) in International Business Administration from the University of Northumbria U.K and also possesses a Diploma in Management from the University of Malaya.
Throughout his career, Charles has been featured numerous times in food and cooking magazines as the master chef in Chinese cuisine and also acknowledged as "Asia Food Guru".

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