5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams

5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams


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作者:Author,Holloway, Gillian

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Packed with sound principles and sage advice, Holloway's practical handbook helps readers hear their inner dream guide. -Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming and The Healing Power of DreamsHave you ever woken up baffled dreams you had the night before?Respected dream analyst and intuition expert Gillian Holloway can help you navigate your dreams and pinpoint their meanings with her renowned 5-step approach. Unlike dream dictionaries that merely define symbols, 5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams provides you with a method you can use to uncover how powerful your dreams truly are-and how you can positively apply the messages in your dreams to your everyday life.What the Experts Are Saying A lovely, friendly, inspiring introduction to the world of dreams. -Gayle Delaney, author of Breakthrough Dreaming and Sexual Dreams A practical, comprehensive guide to dream interpretation. The reader is skillfully led toward personal growth and self-discovery. -Stanley Krippner, editor of Dreamtime and DreamworkWhat Readers Are Saying The 5 steps let me see into my subconscious, enabling me to grow and understand myself better.-Lea H. Your book is very user-friendly and extremely helpful in helping me figure out the messages in many of my dreams. Thank you!-Linda M.

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