Comfort Cooking 101

舒食101 (英文版)

舒食101 (英文版)


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◎M.D. Hui-Ting Huang, President of Taiwan Adventist Hospital
◎M.D. Frank Yang, President of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
◎Dr. Martin Williams, Ex-president of Taiwan Foreign Correspondents Club

【For a Healthier and Brighter Life】

101 recipes from the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program
Many studies have shown that vegetarian diet is the best access to the prevention of chronic diseases; it leads to the widespread establishment of various vegetarian restaurants. In order to enhance the taste of vegetarian food, however, most traditional vegetarian recipes contain excessive oil and seasoning. The intake of those results in the increasing cases of chronic diseases for some vegetarians. The unhealthy cooking method not only leads to the risk of cerebral vascular and heart diseases, also the possibility of cancer.

Principles of Cooking:
◎Keep cooking simple and try to preserve the original flavor. Mild ingredients such as lemon, spring onions, garlic, basil, coriander and other natural spices can be added to enhance flavor. Avoid using refined & processed ingredients and seasonings with irrelative effects.
◎Do not overcook to avoid the loss of nutrients. Keep it raw as far as possible.
◎Excessive washing and peeling will lead to a loss of minerals, vitamins and trace minerals. Use only a small amount of water when cooking.
◎Use a non-stick pan to cook, or to steam, grill and double boil, to preserve the original flavor.


The recipes in this cookbook are categorized into 4 parts as follows:
PART① Home-Style Cooking: Rice, Noodles, Main Dishes, Soup
PART② Light Meal Cooking: Light Meals, Salads, Snacks, Beverages
PART③ Baking Recipes: Bread, Cakes, Crackers
PART④ Homemade Sauces & Dressings: Sauces, Dressing, Jelly


Taiwan Adventist Hospital (臺安醫院)

In 1997, Taiwan Adventist Hospital introduced “NEWSTART”, a program for a healthy lifestyle. The program teaches people eight basic principles: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust, all through which people can regain health, based on natural lifestyle elements. Many participants have found improvement in their health and have lived a better life by adopting the eating habits introduced by the program. In order to bring more benefits to people from healthier living, the hospital has compiled NEWSTART recipes, resulting in the publication of the NEWSTART Comfort Cooking 101 cookbook.

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