The legend of ‘red jade talisman’

The legend of ‘red jade talisman’


出版:白象文化事業有限公司 / 白象文化
作者:Tseng Hsiang─Yun
下載選項:Adobe DRM

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◎The author is a senior novel writer and university lecturer. He is better at reasoning novels and is well received by all walks of life.
◎Unique narrative technique opens an adventure story that spans time and space and explores the supreme deity of Taoism.

‘Gold Star’is the most luxurious sleeper train in human history, it should have been a great pleasure to take it, but a group of complex passengers, everyone is difficulty to understand, and reveal an exotic love beyond time and life, brings more death mysteries.
The love story turns into a clue to solve the riddle of‘ red jade talisman’for Yang Ru and Gu chang zch, countless setbacks and strange things keep going in the process of finding thing based this clue, accomplishes a legend of‘ red jade talisman’, but what is the‘ secret’after it?

The authority item of Taoism ─‘red jade talisman’likes jade and amulet, can cure diseases and drives out the evil spirits…has infinite fuctions, caused innumerable weaves in the Tao world, it was handed down several times by some Taoists, after all, its whereabout is unkown, one of‘ Seven elites in Tao faction’─ Yang Jingsong, his great grandson─Yang Ru, and another member of it─Wu Hao ying, his son─ Wu Maolin protects the youth─Gu chang zch, the two young men shares the mission of finding‘red jade talisman’, so they went from the electric street ofTaiwan to the palace train of Japan, back to hair pins shop, drama stage, remote village in the country.
During this period, they are deeply moved by the Taoist’s spirit and the ninja’ soul,
And explore the wonders of drama, achieves the mission, however, there is a deeper level of Taoism realm for them to visit.


Tseng Hsiang─Yun

Education background:
Master of Education of Oklahoma University in U.S.A.
Reserached teaching English Ph.D class of Essex University in U.K.

English Lecture in Lingdong University of Science and Technology.
Published short stories in magazines: ‘Crown’, ‘Fictions’ Family’, ‘Whodunit’.
Published the fiction ‘Red fox’in 2012.
Published the fiction ‘The night eye of Dubai’‘Kite of Tahiti’in 2013.
Published the fiction‘The source of ice inU.K’in2015.
Published the fiction‘ The legend of “red jade talisman”’in 2017
Specialties: writing, infer and think, cut and cook.
Hobbies: computer network, read, delicious food, movie and TV, travel, live hotel, collect hotel rooms’ cards.
Motto: insist self’s independence, respect independence of others.

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