Spiritual Poetry Collection Book2

Jewel Hidden In The Soul

Jewel Hidden In The Soul


出版:光客書屋 / Udaya Peace

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Recommended Preface
~written by Nancy Wang

Everyone's inside,Has a light-dazzling jewel .
Hidden in the soul
Waiting for awakening
Looking for opportunities for glowing

UDAYA’s heart, gentle & beautiful but also brave & strong
Carefully contemplate in the flow of life
Dive into nature, universe, time & space and life itself
Chanting beautiful chapters

Souls are touched,Hearts are cleansed,
Everything falls into stillness.
Soul’s jewel awakened ,
Smiling at a blooming flower,
Silence reveals all.

Author Profile and Preface

UDAYA PEACE, a person of peace and kindness, enjoys painting, travel, reading, singing and writing. She often strolls deeply into nature; while her self-exploration progresses, she has experienced Vipassana meditation, energy healing, psychology life education, etc. In the recent years, she has continued to live in a life of self-awareness, self-disciplined creation, philosophizing, freedom manifestation, and shared love and peace with people around her.She also became the Master Teacher of “Magnified Healing”with third phase “Light Healing”. NGH Hypnosis Therapist ,Meditation teacher.

This poetry collection is an inspirational compilation of UDAYA’s various introspection and sentiments of life, thoughts and realizations revealed internally, self-reminding warnings, and loving associations and exchanges with the vast universe and galaxies. Wherein admirations for nature and all beings, pursuit of human nature, and expectations for consciousness expansion are expressed in words of delicate lovingness…

With this poetry collection,
I would like to express my gratitude to my parents who gave me birth and raised me as well as all my family members,
I would like to express my gratitude to friends who I have had any contacts or exchanges,
I am grateful for the opportunities to share my poetry through self-publishing platform,
I am grateful for every bit and piece of life experiences,
I would like to thank all of you who read this book,
I would like to thank the cosmic torrents,
I am grateful for the guidance of Holy Spirit and my higher-self,
I am grateful for harmony in body and mind,
I am grateful for being able to breathe here!

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