Strange things at giants school

Entering the Giant School

Entering the Giant School


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"The hero of the story, Mimi, is going to the first grade of elementary school. The night before he was anxious to welcome the opening of school, his father called to explain that he could not accompany him to school tomorrow. The next day, when Mimi woke up, he found that his mother was not at home, but that his grandmother was busy preparing breakfast for him, and happily go to school with him. As Mimi entered the school gate, he saw many teachers and classmates much higher than himself. When he struggled to climb the steps of the teaching building, he met a little girl who is same size of himself on a broom! The theme song ""Magical Funny"" tells children more vividly about the magic day in a school.

In the story of ""Mistakenly Entering Giant School"", those students, teachers, tables, chairs and benches who are much taller than the little hero Mimi that are exaggerated ways of expression, reflecting the psychology of children. Mimi was disappointed when he heard that his parent could not accompany with him to school. However, his optimistic grandmother told him to ""use his brain and find ways to solve problems"", he was conveying the idea of keeping an optimistic attitude to solve problems."


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