I love my own kindergartenI love my own kindergarten

I love my own kindergartenI love my own kindergarten


出版:北京欣博友 / Beijing Joint Publis

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"In the depths of a beautiful ocean, the little seahorse named Douding is about to go to kindergarten. The first day of kindergarten life began when Douding is reluctant to part even say ""goodbye"" to his father. One day's kindergarten life begins in a tense moment, and it passes unnoticed in the pleasant exploration. When the small Douding see dad at the gate of the kindergarten, Douding’s happy mood is unable to express. On the way home, when Douding described what he had seen and heard about the day, he did not get a nap at noon, and finally fell asleep on his father's back.
In the children's cognitive and emotional world, the first time to leave their familiar environment and people to go to the kindergarten can be called the experience of ""separation and death"". Therefore, it is particularly important and urgent to properly receive new children and help them relieve separation anxiety as soon as possible. In the background of the colorful seabed world, the book is accompanied by nice and relaxing music. The story begins with a visit to the kindergarten by teacher see dragon, and then tells the interesting activities of the kindergarten, the friendly and interesting companion and the excitement of the little protagonist after the day of the kindergarten. A wonderful seabed kindergarten trip is introduced to ease anxiety and encourage children to explore and play in kindergartens."


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