Whose egg

Whose egg


出版:北京欣博友 / Beijing Joint Publis

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"One summer afternoon, an owl was dozing in a tree, but was awakened by a loud noise. The owl barely opened his sleepy eyes and found a white, smooth egg under the tree! Whose egg is this? As a modern piece of original music piano preludes to dream, and the strings, and percussion music in the end to do the processing of suspense, lead the children more eagerly into the story. The mole came, toad came, and the ostrich in the distance came, even the badger who was looking for his lunch, and they all said, ""It is my eggs!""
This is a very interesting story. First reading the title of the book will arouse the curiosity of the kid. Whose egg will the egg be? Looking at the theme song ""The miracle of life"" seems to be a big topic. In the kindergarten, when the teacher and the child read the story together with the rhythm of the rhymes, it is believed that this is a very funny and interesting story. Why does a story have so many different experiences? That's because we want to tell a story about life with children's acceptable language and perception. Every kind of life is worth cherishing and blooming, and the curiosity of life is the first step to cherish life."


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