Mozha Being elder brother

Mozha Being elder brother


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"Small camel Mozha with his parent and friends live on the edge of a desert grass, he felt that he have friends to play together every day, accompanied by mom and dad, is the most happy thing. Soon, Mozha’s wish that is having a brother or sister is becoming true, he has a lovely sister! But at the same time, Mozha felt a sense of loss from the excitement of being an elder brother. Story here to a climax, pierced by younger sister broke his toys but being criticized by mother for "" not getting his own things"" and went to the desert alone.
It is a real emotional process that Mozha has not grown up from wanting to be accompanied by a sibling, to be happy and excited to be a brother, and to worry about the loss of his parents who love their sister only. When teachers lead their children to feel the story, not only can the children feel the joy of siblings through the music games arranged in the book, but they can also go back home with the story and theme song, ""What's more?"" Let it feel the responsibility and the sense of accomplishment."


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