Kung Linliu, Ph. D.

A small business of print on demand

A small business of print on demand


出版:Kung Linliu / 林劉恭
作者:Kung Linliu
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Author: Kung Linliu, Ph. D.

A small business of printing on demand using the continuous inkjet printer for startup.


Author: Kung Linliu, Ph. D. 2
Preface 11
Organization of this book 17
Chapter 1. Introduction 19
1-1 The market overview of inkjet printing technology 20
1-2 Development and evolution of inkjet printing technology 24
Glossary 34
Problems 41
References 41
Chapter 2. The key components of inkjet technology 44
2-1 Elements of Ink 45
2-2 Inkjet printer 54
2-3 Inkjet printhead 58
2-4 Inkjet ink 60
2-5 Inkjet media 62
Golssary 64
Problems 70
References 71
Chapter 3. The principle of inkjet printing 72
3-1 Inkjet printhead type 74
3-2 Inkjet printhead structure and its characteristics 82
3-2-1 Inkjet printhead structure and its characteristics: thermal bubble 82
Glossary 84
Problems 85
References 86
Chapter 4. Print on demand 93
4-1 What is print on demand 94
4-2 Why print on demand? 98
4-3 Print on demand and e-book 100
Glossary 102
Problems 103
References 103
Chapter 5. Cost of print on demand 106
5-1 Procedures of print on demand 107
5-2 Cost of print on demand 108
5-2 Cost of traditional printing 112
5-3 Cost of eBook 114
5-4 Cost of book printed by laser printer 116
Glossary 119
Problems 119
References 120
Chapter 6. How to make a book using a continuous inkjet printer 121
6-1 Printer setting for a book 122
6-2 Hand-made book of inkjet printing 125
6-2-1 Fold and clamp 125
6-2-2 Drilling holes through printed book 131
6-2-3 Tie threads through drilled holes 133
6-2-4 The other setting of printing a book 137
Glossary 142
Problems 143
References 143
Chapter 7. Market of print on demand book 144
7-1 Trend of book format 145
7-1-1 Hand written book by a pen 145
7-1-2 Printed book by a printing factory 146
7-1-3 Print on demand book by a digital printer 147
7-1-4 E-book or digital book 147
7-2 Market of print on demand book 149
Glossary 150
Problems 151
References 151
Acknowledgements 153
Index 154
More about author 158
Copyright 162
Disclaimers 162


Author: Kung Linliu, Ph. D.
He got a Ph.D. degree in polymer physics and chemistry at Stony Brook, State University of New York (SUNY, now renamed as Stony Brook University, or SBU) and a bachelor's degree in chemistry from National Taiwan University. He has also served as a Professor in several Universities and has written more than 30 academic and conference papers. He has industry experience for more than 20 years, with more than 80 patents of USA, Taiwan (ROC) and China (PROC); he has founded two companies making inkjet printhead chip and ink cartridge, industrial inkjet printer, inkjet nano silver and copper ink, water-based and solvent-based color (CMYK) inks, and special solvent inkjet inks for various substrates such as sapphire and aluminum nitride (AlN for LED). Before founding the first company, he has worked in the field of semiconductor DRAM, FLASH, MROM memory and logic ICs. Then he worked as a research fellow for MEMS-related research and development (R&D) and bus

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