The Dragon Stirs: The New Silk Road

The Dragon Stirs: The New Silk Road


出版:大观出版社 / Kanyin Publications
作者:Bob Teoh and Ong Juat Heng

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China is re-carving the ancient Silk Road with the grandest, most technologically advanced tools as her most ambitious project in history. Re-born as “Belt and Road Initiative”, this ginormous network of land and sea routes, including even an Arctic Ocean route, is touted as “the road map to the future”, a “visionary blueprint for global economic development in the new world order” and a host of other elaborate accolades.

As the Silk Road transformed the way international trade was done in ancient times, the Belt and Road Initiative provides the modern solution to spur global growth and development in the 21st century and beyond.

The Belt and Road Initiative will stretch from mainland China to Central Asia and on to Europe. The projects located along this expanse will prosper two thirds of the world’s population living in more than 60 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Arctic.


The Chinese Dream中国梦
Awakening the dragon

Chapter 1
Who Is Xi?
The man with the iron soul

Chapter 2
The Dragon Awakens – China’s Globalisation 2.0
The most ambitious development project in the history of humanity

Chapter 3
Highways And Byways Of The Silk Road
The seven economic corridors over land and sea

Chapter 4
Opening Up China’s Inland
Addressing regional income inequality and unbalanced growth in China

Chapter 5
Guanxi Economics
The Chinese way of getting things done

Chapter 6
Southeast Asia :A New Catalyst For Regional Growth
ASEAN’s pivotal role to China's sprawling 65-nation Silk Road initiative

Chapter 7
Malaysia Rolls Out The Red Carpet For China
Chinese money pouring into Malaysia

Chapter 8
Singapore Is Not China’s Punching Bag
Mutual dependence

Chapter 9
Getting Traction On The Road
The Silk Road is the main agent of world growth – 48 Group Club

Chapter 10
Exits TPP, Enters CPTTP
Major roadblock to China’s ambition removed

Chapter 11
Re-Defining The Rules For International Trade
Geopolitics and geo-economics are like two sides of the same coin

Chapter 12
Navigating The Troubled Waters
Too many warships along the Maritime Silk Route

Chapter 13
China’s Minsky Moment
Is China facing an economic implosion?

A Ring Of Ice To The Chinese Dream
A “golden waterway” for future trade


Ong Juat Heng

ONG JUAT HENG began her career as a reporter in
The Star in the early 1980s. Since then, she has worked as a consultant in a public relations firms; a journalist with a regional magazine; a copywriter in advertising agencies; a lecturer at a private college; and a communications executive in a national NGO, among

Currently, she juggles her time as a contract and freelance writer, book editor, editor of a regional magazine and conducts Business English courses at corporate firms as well as teaches academic English.

Bob Teoh

"Bob Teoh is a writer. He holds an economics degree from University of Malaya and Masters in journalism from Ateneo University, Manila. He was previously the senior columnist of Sin Chew Daily and chief editor of its English news portal. He was also previously the secretary general of the Confederation of Asean

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