The Chinese Art of Face Reading : Book of Moles

The Chinese Art of Face Reading : Book of Moles


出版:Joey Yap / Joey Yap Research Group
作者:Joey Yap

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Revealing the inner secrets of moles

The Book of Moles by Joey Yap delves into the inner meanings of moles and what they reveal about the personality and destiny of an individual. Complemented by fascinating illustrations and Joey Yap’s easy-to-understand commentaries and guides, this book takes a deeper focus into a Face Reading subject, which can be used for everyday decisions – from personal relationships to professional dealings and many others.

What You`ll Learn
Gain quick snapshots of a person’s different facets of life just from the presence of moles.
Learn how moles impact the different denominations of Face Reading, which include the Twelve Palaces, the Thirteen Meridian Paths and other features of the face.
Understand the meanings and implications of moles at different parts of the face.
Discover one’s luck in certain prospects and opportunities in life with respect to the presence of moles.


Introduction : The Study of Moles in Face Reading
Learn the characteristics of moles and their implications to one’s life.

Chapter 1 : Moles on the Twelve Palaces
Focus on how moles can affect one’s specific life aspects, such as career, relationship, wealth and others.

Chapter 2 : Moles on the Thirteen Meridian Paths
Gain more insights to one’s general endeavours and prospects from the presence of moles.

Chapter 3 : Moles on the Head
Comprehend the implications of moles on one’s head, which holds a great deal of information pertaining to one’s ultimate potential.

Chapter 4 : Moles on the Body
Discover how moles on the body affect the inner being of individuals.

Chapter 5 : Moles on the Limbs
Learn how moles on the limbs can exert further implications to one’s life prospects.


Dato’ Joey Yap is the celebrated and global bestselling author with more than 172 books published and counting. His literary work has been translated and published in every continent of the world, making it to the local best sellers list on numerous occasions and has sold more than 4,200,000 copies. Some of the bestsellers published have also earned The Merit Award from The Asean Book Publisher Association.

In 2008, he was listed by The Malaysian Tatler as the Top 300 Most Influential People in Malaysia and Prestige’s Top 40 Under 40. In recognition of his contribution to the industry, society and country, Joey was conferred the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP), a prestigious award which carries the official title of Dato’ in 2013. In 2014, he was named as one of The Inspiring Top 10 Young Malaysian Millionaires by RHA Media, a publication on the high achievers and affluent societies in Malaysia.

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