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123 easy teaching: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

123 easy teaching: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division


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123 easy teaching isbn 9789574357598
(regarding addition, subtraction, password: 123 and update version
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(regarding multiplication, Division, password: 123 and and update version
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and multiplication, division, on
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regarding addition, subtraction
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Video URL: https://youtu.be/aAYfdpjdo4k
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123 easy teaching, Book 1, addition and subtraction ISBN:9789574357574
pubu. URL https://www.pubu.com.tw/ebook/123-easy-teaching-addition-subtraction-128798

123 easy teaching, Book 2, Multiplication and Division 9789574357581

From the book,I can feel your intention of basic mathematics education, I believe that more children can understand the wonderful and interesting mathematics. Director of Academia Sinica Director, Dr. Liao Junzhi Through many cute images, children are introduced into the beauty of mathematics. Allowing children to count out each number and find out the relationship between numbers is like a musical melody generated by a touch of a piano keyboard. It is believed that such contact will make children learn Arithmetic easily. This is a book worthy of recommendation for parents and children to read together. Recommended by Professor Lin, Department of Mathematics, Taiwan University Early childhood education is to lay the most critical stage of learning, such as learning disabilities or setbacks will inevitably affect the development of the later period. I have encountered the most troublesome subjects in mathematics teaching in schools, mostly mathematics, most students eventually gave up, very regrettable. Teacher Huang's meticulous work 123 is very simple and simple Take many years of on-site teaching experience, personally feel the needs of children's learning, as well as the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered in the learning process, in time to eliminate doubts for students to learn happily and like mathematics. This is really the , children's arithmetic helper. Recommendation from President of Hukou Senior High School
The British Ministry of Education was skeptical about learning multiplication table, students did not recite the multiplication resulting in insufficient computing. The British Minister of Education: "If we do not change our study manner towards mathematics learning, the British economy will decline!" Let the children recite the 12x12 multiplication table. Recitation of multiplication is very helpful for children learning math. Not just multiplication, but also the addition and subtraction. If children are able to familiar with the four basic mathematical operations--addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, I believe that children will have more confidence. Not only the image helps understanding,but also train the children to remember.The children can look at the arithmetic process, remember more, remember the answers, practice basic mathematical operations above and below randomly, and have memories in their minds. It's amazing that there will will be intuitive memory unconsciously, and then the children will have a strong interest in mathematics learning. Bless the children study easily and teachers have good teaching.
123 easy simple in the process of creating a work from nothing to present, we have received suggestions and assistance from various parties. Honored by Prof. Lin, National Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University ,Prof. Huang, Department of Applied Mathematics, National Dong Hwa University, Prof. Fu, Department of Applied Mathematics, National Chiao Tung University. The recognitions of mathematics masters, especially Prof. Lin gave the agreeable and beautiful recommendation. In addition, Dr. Bao, the president of the Northeast Agricultural University, the National Hukou Senior High School , the president Zhang, are deeply concerned about students. All sincerely pray that all students will work hard to accomplish their studies. In particular, Chairman Li Jiatong of the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation, who was the president of Tsinghua University, is willing to help lead the foundation, guide the students' homework, and give them practical care. Special mention is who is highly respected by the international community and presides over the highest academic research institute of the Central Research Institute of China (remark specified). Dr. Liao gave a high rating. I felt extremely honored and express deepest gratitude to recomme

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