How to make millions using the correct skills and technology

Swiftlet Farming, A Millionaire to be

Swiftlet Farming, A Millionaire to be


出版:大观出版社 / Kanyin Publications
作者:Koay Miao Duo

原價 NT$ 520



This book unveils the ‘secrets’ of swiftlet farming in a practical and easy to understand language.

The author unreservedly shares with you his profound knowledge and skills in the swiftlet farming industry, complete with illustrative vivid photographs.

Do you want to make millions from swiftlet farming?
What are the factors to ensure success in swiftlet farming?
How to design a successful bird house?
How to choose a suitable location for a bird house?
How to increase the swiftlet population in your bird house?
What to do if a bird house fails?
71 valuable answers to your common queries.
and many more…

Make this book your valuable guide in your process of making millions from swiftlet farming!




Chapter One: The great heroes behind the scenes

Chapter Two: Swiftlet farming: a prosperous investment

Chapter Three: Design a successful birdhouse

Chapter Four: Aroma for birdhouse

Chapter Five: Imitation Bird Sounds

Chapter Six: Secrets of accelerating swiftlet’s growth

Chapter Seven: Predator management

Chapter Eight: Why does a birdhouse fail?

Chapter Nine: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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About the author


The author, Koay Miao Duo has great interest in the swiftlet farming industry. He started to participate in the research of swiftlet farming techniques when he was at the university. In year 2009 after graduating from the university with Honorary Degree in Business Enterprise, he dedicated himself to the swiftlet farming field. He established the MDK Swiftlet Enterprise and after that registered the company as MDK Swiftlet Sdn Bhd. Besides providing different types of swiftlet farming equipments and invent many innovative products which help in swiftlet farming, the company also helps many unsuccessful swiftlet farmers to find out the reasons and solve their problems. The practical results of the company have been recognized by the beneficiaries and give rise to the attention of swiftlet farmers.

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