Understanding al-Mutanabbī: A Humanistic Pyschological Approach

Understanding al-Mutanabbī: A Humanistic Pyschological Approach


出版:Penerbit USM
作者:Ratna Roshida Ab Razak

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"This book attempts to see al-Mutanabbī, a great poet of the ‘Abbasid period from the lens of humanistic psychology. An effort has been made to discover the deeper aspects of al-Mutanabbī’s personality, which constitutes an important aspect of his artistic expression. Chapters are structured accordingly for better understanding of the whole discussion. The focuses are on:

- Biographical sketch of al-Mutanabbī, which comprises on the historical, political, cultural background of the poet as well as his
life with his patrons.

- The relationship between psychology and poetry.

- The major concept of humanistic psychology, as well as the work of Horney, Maslow and Rogers, upon which being the basis of the humanistic psychology.

- The Maslovian theory, to consider al-Mutanabbī as a
self-actualizing person in the light of his relationship with his patron Sayf al-Dawlah.

- How al-Mutanabbī as a neurotic person, overcame the
conflict inherent in his relationship with Kāfūr, his second patron.

This book concludes that the relationship between al-Mutanabbī and Sayf al-Dawlah is the key to his great achievement as a poet, and the humanistic psychological theories thus enables
us to gain a better understanding of him as a whole person. This book also proposes that humanistic psychology can open the door to a new world in the study of both Arabic literature and the life of a poet."

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