10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators

10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators


出版:Trajectory.Inc / Sourcebooks
作者:Gallo, Carmine




How you too can learn the presentation secrets behind today's greatest CEOsAcclaim for 10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business CommunicatorsAs a leader, you have to do more than promote your brand...you have to live it! Carmine Gallo's engaging new book will show managers and executives how to embody the promise of their companies' products and services, and get people excited about their brand. -Jeff Taylor, Founder and Chief Monster, Monster.comI wish that 10 Simple Secrets had been available when I was just starting as a real estate agent in New York. It would have shaved years off my learning curve as a public speaker. Carmine's book is a must-read for service professionals, CEOs, managers or anyone who needs to persuade for a living.-Barbara Corcoran, Founder, Corcoran GroupIf you run a company or aspire to, this book is a must-read to understand how the CEO is the most effective tool in a company's communication arsenal to differentiate itself with customers, employees and investors.-Ron Ricci, Vice President of Corporate Positioning, Cisco Systems, Inc.10 Simple Secrets is direct, fascinating and very credible--after all, these guys are wildly successful!-Stuart Varney, FOX News business journal10 Simple Secrets is a book that should be read by anyone who does public presentations, no matter how expert. Gallo has collected good, often forgotten advice and stitched it together into a valuable resource. A keeper. Highly recommended. -John C. Dvorak, columnist, PC Magazine

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